Jacksonville Municipal Building Closed

By Benjamin Cox on March 23, 2020 at 8:29am

The Jacksonville Municipal Building at 200 West Douglas Avenue has closed to the public. Mayor Andy Ezard said in a press release on Sunday that the municipal building will be closed until further notice due to the stay at home order by the governor’s office. Those who need to still conduct official business can do so by sending an email or leaving a voicemail at each of the city’s various departments. If you are unsure how to get in touch with a specific department, contact the Morgan County Emergency Management Office at esda@jacksonvilleil.gov or call them at 479-4616. The Jacksonville City Council meeting that was set for tonight has also been canceled.

Contact information for city offices is:


217-479-4610 | mayor@jacksonvilleil.gov

City clerk

217-479-4613 | cityclerk@jacksonvilleil.gov

City treasurer



217-479-4651 (Diamond Grove)

217-479-4652 (East Cemetery)

Community development


Emergency management

217-479-4616 | esda@jacksonvilleil.gov

Fire department (non-emergency)

217-479-4656 | jfdchief@jacksonvilleil.gov

Human resources

217-479-3507 | ccooper@jacksonvilleil.gov


217-479-4625 | tchumley@jacksonvilleil.gov

Municipal utilities

217-479-4615 | slong@jacksonvilleil.gov

Municipal services


217-479-4653 | citygarage@jacksonvilleil.gov

Parks and lakes

217-479-4620 | khall@jacksonvilleil.gov

Police (non-emergency)

217-479-4630| jpdchief2@jacksonvilleil.gov