Jacksonville Police investigating alleged aggravated robbery, battery

By Gary Scott on July 24, 2018 at 12:07pm

Local police are investigating an alleged incident of aggravated robbery and aggravated battery late last night.

According to reports from the Jacksonville Police Department, local officers responded to an alleged incident in the 300 block of East Morton Avenue shortly before 11 p.m. last night.

The report was in reference to a victim who had allegedly been the victim of an aggravated robbery and aggravated battery. Police say the victim is reportedly a 24-year old male, who told officers that he had been approached by an unknown black male dressed in dark clothing.

The victim claimed that the black male suspect allegedly revealed what police say was a plastic handgun, or airsoft gun, demanded that the victim give him money, then struck the victim with the plastic handgun. Reports say the victim gave the suspect his wallet prior to the suspect fleeing the area on foot.

According to Jacksonville Police, the 24-year old victim did not receive any injuries as a result of the alleged incident.Police say the suspect remains unidentified and that the incident remains under investigation at this time.

Anyone with any information pertaining to this alleged incident should contact the Investigations Division of the Jacksonville Police Department by calling 217-479-4630.