Jacksonville Police Investigating Influx of Counterfeit Money in the Area

By Benjamin Cox on November 15, 2019 at 12:34pm

The Jacksonville Police Department has been dealing with a massive influx of counterfeit money coming into the city. The investigative division is asking local businesses to be diligent about checking for counterfeit money during points of sale throughout the area. Consumers should also check the change they receive at businesses, as well.

Police Lieutenant Doug Thompson said in a press release that other than using a currency marker, businesses and consumers should check for watermark on the real currency, a band inside of the currency that can be seen when holding up to a light source and the security thread used on the coat. For other information, he says to check the Federal Reserve website’s frequently asked questions section.

If anyone has any information or questions on the circulation of the counterfeit money in the area they can contact the Jacksonville Police Department at 217-479-4630 or Crimestoppers at 217-243-7300.