Jacksonville Public Library Attempting to Rebuild Social Media Presence, Marketing

By Benjamin Cox on November 25, 2022 at 10:38am

The Jacksonville Public Library is looking to restore its social media presence.

Head Librarian Jake Magnuson says that the library’s Facebook page was taken down recently and it has caused the library to put a hold on future programming: “Well, unfortunately, right now we are putting our programming on a little bit on hold to kind of re-evaluate it. We had some issues where our Facebook Page got taken down for unknown reasons. We’ve had to restart that whole thing, and it’s really put us in a hole as far as number of followers. It has limited our outreach of our advertising for our programming. We’ve had kind of sparse attendance for the past couple of events. We’re going to try and build things back up before we get into offering too much programming.”

Magnuson says as far as members of the library staff know there was no reported posts or nefarious outside actors that got into the Facebook account but the folks at Meta had decided the page had violated some community standards: “We just got a message from Facebook one day saying that [the page] was taken down, unpublished, due to their community standards. We couldn’t get an answer as to why. None of us had seen anything that was on there that was suspicious. We never had anything reported. It was just there one day and gone the next. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of recourse sometimes with those type of things.”

Magnuson says if you previously followed the page, search out the new page on Facebook and follow it to help the page get its reach back up to its previous level. The new page is currently linked up on the library’s website. Magnuson says the Facebook page is helpful for those people who don’t physically come to the library to stay in touch with what is going on, and having the page taken down was a pretty big blow to the library’s marketing campaign for events.

For more information, visit the library online at jaxpl.org and you can also find and follow the new Facebook Page at this link.