Jacksonville Public Library Summer Reading Program Registration Under Way

By Benjamin Cox on May 31, 2023 at 1:46pm

The Jacksonville Public Library is gearing up for it’s youth summer reading program.

Head Librarian Jake Magnuson says that the opening party is coming up in just a few weeks: “Youth services librarians have been working hard the past several months…more than that probably. The Summer Reading opening party is on June 13th. We have got a lot of activities, and crafts, and programs, and all sorts of stuff planned.”

Magnuson says it’s an easy process to get signed up: “It’s open to any kid in our service area…maybe even beyond that. I’m not sure exactly. We’ve got sign-up sheets at the library. Basically, parents will just enter their child’s information and get them signed up. You will get a little packet of information, a log to keep track of all of your reading, and off you go. You’ll get a calendar with all of the events also.”

The theme of this year’s reading program is “Hit the Spellbooks.” Magnuson says that summer reading is a great way to prepare kids for school in the Fall all the while keeping things fun.

For more information, contact Youth Services Librarian Courtney Langdon at 217-243-5435 ext. 2228 or email her at clangdon@jaxpl.org.