Jacksonville RC Speedway To Move Into Old Pony Colt Field

By Benjamin Cox on June 30, 2021 at 10:08am

Nichols Park will have a new attraction in the coming months.

The former Pony Colt baseball field, located at 842 East Vandalia Road. The former ballpark, which has sat idle for a number of years will be transformed into a remote control car racing track. Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard says that the track will be utilizing an unused green space: “We were approached by Dan Murray to put a Jacksonville remote control race car track, which would be battery operated – it’s not gas powered cars so they don’t make noise – out there. He asked if the city had a piece of property that they weren’t using and Adam [Fletcher] immediately thought of the Pony Colt Park. It was growing up with grass, and it’s not being utilized. There’s restroom facilities, some bleachers, and some things that could be utilized for this small track. Through Dan and Adam’s talk, they felt it would be a good project and potentially have folks visit Jacksonville for this destination, for this track, and it could be built upon as far as revenue streams coming to our community. The council has voted to have a lease agreement in place with Dan Murray and Jacksonville RC Speedway.”

Murray will now voluntarily build the race track that will be approximately 25 feet in length. Ezard says the city may contribute some dirt or on-hand materials if they are needed. The lease for the Pony Colt park will be for 2 years. City Attorney Dan Beard says there is a 60-day opt out clause in the lease if things don’t work as planned. Murray told the city council that the only noise anyone may hear from the track is a leaf blower between races to blow off the track. Murray has asked anyone who has any questions to come to him about the track.

They can be found on Facebook at JAXRCSpeedway.