Jacksonville Salvation Army Has Extra Food for Today’s Food Distribution That Needs to “Get Out the Door” Officials Say

By Jeremy Coumbes on January 8, 2020 at 9:43am

The Salvation Army has a lot of extra food to give away today during their first Wednesday Food Distribution of the new year.

The local Salvation Army holds a food distribution every Wednesday during the year and Major Charles Pinkston says that due to Christmas and New Years falling on Wed this time around, they were not able to hold distributions the past two weeks.

He says that the line up for the event starts at 12:30 pm, and at 1:00 pm they will hand out numbers to those in line to determine in what order everyone will go through the line. Pinkston says that the process of lining up and going through the distribution does not take as long as one would think and at most takes about an hour for the distribution.

Pinkstons says that “this Wednesday we are back on a regular commodity distribution schedule, and in particular we have a lot of food to get out the door. So for those who qualify for the community food program, if they are able to, bring a box, a wagon, a stroller, anything to load up and take home.”

Pinkston says they have about twelve pallets of food that they need to distribute to the community including meats, canned goods, breads, produce, two different soups and even some sweet options as well.

To qualify for the Commodity Distribution, simply go to the Salvation Army Citadel at 331 West Douglas Avenue and show proof of being a Morgan County resident.