Jacksonville Salvation Army Nears Campaign Goal

By Jeremy Coumbes on January 12, 2022 at 2:13pm

The Jacksonville Salvation Army has gained a lot of ground this month in the Red Kettle Campaign and needs just a bit more help from the community to reach its goal.

Jacksonville Salvation Army Captain Chris Clarke says that they are now approximately $1,200 away from reaching their goal of $138,000 as the Red Kettle Campaign winds down between now and the end of the month.

Clarke says his team is very thankful to everyone who has generously donated and rang bells for the campaign this season. He says the campaign is a big part of how the Salvation Army can give back to the Jacksonville community.

It’s so important to our overall operation, it makes up about a third of our overall budget throughout the year. It’s used year-round for our free lunch program, and our food pantry and how we can help pay people’s bills to help keep their utilities on and keep them in their home.”

Donations to the campaign are still being accepted through the end of January, and Clarke says he hopes the Jacksonville area will come through to help the Salvation Army meet and exceed the $1,200 needed to meet that goal as they are seeing an increase in residents with need, especially an increase in older adults coming to the citadel for food and other services.

Clarke says there is still time to donate to help meet the goal. “We can accept donations in several ways. People can mail a check to the Salvation Army. Our address is 331 West Douglas Avenue in Jacksonville. You can also go on our website, there is a donate button there as well as on our Facebook page.”

Clarke says he and his team are very thankful that Jacksonville is such a generous and giving community that wants to make sure the Salvation Army is able to help people throughout the entire year.