Jacksonville Salvation Army Seeks Help After Freezer Building Fails, Thousands of Pounds of Meat Runed Over Holiday Weekend

By Jeremy Coumbes on September 6, 2022 at 4:09pm

The local Salvation Army is in dire need after some equipment failed over the weekend

The Jacksonville Salvation Army was forced to throw out thousands of pounds of meat Tuesday after the citadel’s freezer building stopped working over the holiday weekend.

Captain Chris Clarke said Salvation Army staff and volunteers spent all day Tuesday emptying and discarding more than two thousand pounds of spoiled meat, an estimated $5,000 worth of food.

Clarke says the major loss comes during a time of year when the Salvation Army is already struggling to keep up with demand due to a lag in food and monetary donations.

The freezer stores items used for the Salvation Army’s free lunch program and food pantry. Clarke says repairs will be made to the freezer this week, and the Salvation Army is seeking help from local businesses and individuals willing to contribute to the restocking of the freezer so that they can continue to serve those needing help with food in the community.

According to the announcement, the Jacksonville Salvation Army serves over 300 meals weekly through its free lunch program and provides groceries to more than 150 families each week.

Anyone wishing to help the Salvation Army with a donation can drop it off at the Salvation Army Citadel located at 331 West Douglas Avenue, or arrange for a pick-up by calling 217-245-7124.