Jacksonville School District #117 Distributing Food To Students Today

By Benjamin Cox on March 17, 2020 at 8:25am

Jacksonville School District 117 has announced their plan to distribute food to students over the next two days. Superintendent Steve Ptacek sent out communication and updated the district-wide FAQ to the school’s website, via email, phone message and on Facebook yesterday afternoon.

Ptacek said that 2 student meals will be prepared and delivered today. The meals will be distributed on the north side of the high school from 10AM to Noon. Students must be present in order to receive the meals. Ptacek says a line will be made and will be kept with social distancing directives mandated by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Murrayville-Woodson Elementary School will also have a meal pick up line for students who live in that school’s boundary.

Ptacek says he will re-evaluate whether meals will be prepared again on Thursday for students. Ptacek said that spring break will take place next week and no meals will be prepared during the week of March 23rd. He will not be initiating bus services for food delivery out of concern of spreading the virus to drivers and staff.

Ptacek said he has met with the Healthy Jacksonville organization and is currently looking to partner with the local Salvation Army, the Jacksonville Food Center, and the Spirit of Faith Soup Kitchen to further look at food distribution to students in the area. Ptacek said he will continue to pass along further information as new developments happen.