Jacksonville School District 117 to host auditions for upcoming Sesquicentennial musical

By Benjamin Cox on March 30, 2018 at 11:16am

Jacksonville School District 117 is looking for its next stars to headline its Sesquicentennial production.The musical called “Hotrods, Ghosts and Hatchetheads” is an original production written by Ken Bradbury. The show will have an overall story arc that will focus on a number of characters during Jacksonville High School’s 150 year history.

Jacksonville sesquicentennial committee member and musical coordinator Tim Chipman goes over the general background of the show.

“You know this production, is a labor of love that is 150 years in the making. Ken Bradbury wrote this and of course his name in the area and this region is synonymous with good, lively and entertaining theater. This production Ken has solicited interviews and feedback from Jacksonville High School Alumni and friends through the decades. A number of people have contributed their memories and stories to this production. Ken has woven this all together to create a fun and touching show.” said Chipman.

Auditions for the production will take place on April 17th at the JHS auditorium. Students, ages 16-21, are invited to audition between 3:30 and 5pm. Adults of all ages are invited to stop by between 7-9 that evening.

Chipman explains some of the show’s background and how it all started.

“The seed of this idea started way along before I was involved, probably through Amy Albers who works in the Jacksonville Public Schools Foundation and has been the spear head of the Sesquicentennial celebration which has gone on the entire school year. That was several years ago and now I’m happy I get a chance to step in as the production coordinator and work closely with the local director and former Jacksonville teacher Rich McCoy, who is directing the production.” Chipman said.

Chipman goes over what the sesquicentennial celebration means for JHS as well as the Jacksonville community.

“You know I would love to say that the Sesquicentennial celebration has been really special to the school district and the community. The theme is ‘Rich History and Bright Future’ and I think that this theatrical production will be a great stepping stone between that rich history and bright future that waits this district.” said Chipman.

Rich McCoy, the director of “Hotrods, Ghosts and Hatchetheads”, is looking for actors, singers and dancers who have a varying range of experience.

There will be three performance dates: June 22nd-24th. Auditions will start on April 17th.