Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra to Perform a Virtual Concert

By Benjamin Cox on February 19, 2021 at 10:40am

The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra is hosting a concert Saturday, February 20th, at 3:00 pm. Music director and conductor, Garrett Allman had hoped to host their annual youth concert in person but a virtual one worked out better, due to Covid restrictions.

This is a family concert geared towards the youth of the community, featuring kid-friendly and fun music. Allman speaks of featured soloist, storyteller, and actor, Bobby Norfolk who has made other appearances with the Symphony.

“He sent a video of him doing a wonderful original piece of his called Anansi and the Dancing Granny. It is based on a story from Ghana, West Africa when he visited there in the summer of 1993. The climax of the concert is the last piece. The rest of the concert is members of the orchestra in solos, duets, and trios doing music that is appropriate for a youth concert which I’m sure parents will enjoy too.”

Also highlighted within the program is Jacksonville native and Illinois College drum-line Director, Tyler Carpenter who did one of the arrangements for the concert. Allman says he is pleased with the talented work Carpenter has been able to bring to this performance.

“For this, he plays at least five different instruments. They’re all on five different squares which you’ll see five Tylers on the screen playing. One of him is playing bongos, a marimba on another, steel drums, drum set, and electric guitar.”

Despite the challenges, Allman is excited and pleased with what has come out of this process. He says multiple people have had to work together so this performance could come to life.

“They do their own videos then send them to us electronically. Steve Varble has been working with us and doing some of his magic to get it all together and put it on the air for us. I just saw the preview of it last night and it looks really good.”

For more information, you can go to www.jaxsym-il.org. Since the event is virtual, anyone can broadcast it free of charge. The video will be posted on their page the day of and even on their YouTube channel Jacksonville Symphony Society. The video will be accessible for a week on demand.