Jacob McGlasson declared a sexually violent person

By Benjamin Cox on February 15, 2019 at 4:23pm

A Murrayville man has been declared a sexually violent person in the Morgan County court system.

26 year old Jacob McGlasson pleaded guilty to aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a family member in January of 2015. After serving a four-year sentence, law enforcement were able to bring McGlasson back to Morgan County court due to an additional petition being filed.

Illinois Assistant State’s Attorney Patrick O’Brien filed the petition to have a hearing and determine whether or not McGlasson is a sexually violent person.

In working alongside fellow Assistant State’s Attorney Alexis Overstreet, prosecutional witnesses that serve as evaluators for the Illinois Department of Corrections spoke in front of presiding judge Chris Reif, as well as McGlasson and Defense counsel Carrie Magerl. These witnesses described the analysis which they had performed of McGlasson, through a specific interview and process, to better understand whether one is capable of harming others or not.

According to public Morgan County court documentation, Judge Reif decided, based upon the testimonies of certified evaluators trained in identifying sexually violent people, that McGlasson is a danger to others.

A dispositional hearing has been set on April 17th at 9 am for both the prosecution and defense to outline potential treatment options for McGlasson, though Judge Reif will choose.