Jax Chamber of Commerce in good shape compared to rest of the state

By Ryne Turke on September 15, 2016 at 6:47am

Jacksonville’s Chamber of Commerce is seeing success in 2016, but same can’t be said for the rest of the state.

Illinois Chamber President and CEO Todd Maisch says the recovery has been uneven throughout the state.

“I think there are pockets that are doing well. If you are in the central business district in Chicago you are doing pretty good. There is a greater job density there than anywhere other than Manhattan.  Across the rest of the state it is very uneven, especially when you get down the state. There is a real struggle to grow and find new customers to compete with other states. People are holding there own, but people don’t want to expand too much because they feel it isn’t sustainable.”

Maisch expected Governor Bruce Rauner’s business friendly turnaround agenda would have gained more traction by now, but still remains hopeful for the future.

Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lisa Musch says the non-profit is very fortunate for the continuous support, good leadership and strong financial position in the community.

“We have not been limited in anything. We are more concerned about members who have suffered through the budget crisis in our state. We tried really hard to work with them in regards to issues they have been having and offering them support in any way,” says Musch.

Musch says she isn’t aware of any local Chamber of Commerce organizations that are struggling.

Musch is hopeful a definite budget can be put in place soon. The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce doesn’t receive funding from the state within its normal budgeting process.