Jax Police Needs Officers

By Gary Scott on April 15, 2021 at 6:00am

The Jacksonville police force is at bare bones.

            So says JPD chief Adam Mefford. Mefford says this has been a problem since just before COVID.

            And, he says COVID has exacerbated the problem.

            He says the COVID restrictions has limited city police recruiting, closed academies for training, and has caused several to leave the Jacksonville police department.

            Mefford says a full police force in Jacksonville numbers 41. He says the count is now at 34.

            It’s caused Jacksonville police to change its procedures.

            Mefford says officers have had to adjust to concentrate on more serious offenses, and limited the number of policemen on patrol.

            Mefford says the longer hours and fewer days off is taxing on the officers, and mentally exhausting. He says two of the six cadets in the academy will get out this weekend, and help next week.