Jax Public Library Reminds Public of Sunday Hours

By Benjamin Cox on November 23, 2019 at 10:01am

The Jacksonville Public Library wants to remind the public about their new Sunday hours. Chris Ashmore recently spoke on the AM Conversation about how well the new hours are doing at the library since they started earlier this month. “We started on November 3rd. We’ve had 3 Sundays so far. It’s going pretty well. We’ve had up to 35 to 50 people through the door, and we’re only open from 12PM-4PM. That’s not a bad start. It’s a little lower than a four-hour time period on a Saturday, but the word is still just getting out. If you want to come out to the library and check out a book, read, use the computer, what have you – we’ll be there on Sunday.”

Ashmore says the staff is simply there to help patrons on Sundays. “It’s about the same amount of staff that we have on a Saturday. There’s one person downstairs and two people upstairs. We’re not there to get any other work done but to help people out. That’s what we are there for anyway and it’s kind of extra time.”

Ashmore says to keep an eye to the Library calendar for the weekends as they put together many holiday-oriented programs over the next several weekends. This afternoon at the library, a presentation in the meeting room will deal with getting rid of cable. He said with the rise of Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming service – how people get programming is a changing landscape. He says this afternoon’s program that begins at 2PM will focus on those services and how people can get away from purchasing cable and save some extra money.

To find out more about upcoming events at the library or to ask questions about Sunday hours, visit jaxpl.org/events for more information.