Jax School District Sesquicentennial Bash planned for 2017

By Ryne Turke on April 27, 2016 at 7:40am

An epic celebration is being planned for Jacksonville School District 117’s 150th anniversary.

Alumni Association Executive Director Amy Albers presented the groundwork for the idea Wednesday night to District 117 board members.

Albers says the Sesquicentennial Committee’s goal is “to honor all aspects of our rich history and look towards our bright future.”

“Well we are going to use this opportunity to show off our current schools and ones that have closed along the way. We are going to collect memorabilia and pictures. We are also going to use it to highlight what is going on in our schools and the great things we have with technology. We want to celebrate the oldest school district in Illinois. It was September 9th, 1867. In 2017 we will start this year long celebration,” says Albers.

Former District 117 Superintendent Jewell Mann wrote, The First Hundred Years, a manuscript detailing the highs and lows of District 117’s first century. Bob Crow, a District 117 Superintendent for 17 years, is bringing the book up-to-date by recapping the last 50 years.

The Sesquicentennial Committee plans to use a logo to represent the school district’s 150 year legacy.

“May 1st we are kicking off a logo contest and we are trying to get ideas from the community, school district and anyone who has logo designs. We need something we are going to display at all the events. It will be specific to the 150 year celebration,” notes Albers.

The 150th celebration bash will also mark an inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award Night. Albers says the award will highlight the amazing accomplishments of past Crimsons.

A kick-off banquet is scheduled for November 11, 2017 at Jacksonville Middle School.