JBS Announces $2.5 Million Investment Into Beardstown Projects

By Benjamin Cox on August 20, 2020 at 7:25am

Major pork producer JBS announced yesterday it was investing $2.5 million into infrastructure projects in Beardstown. JBS USA is working with local leaders to identify where the funds can best help meet immediate and longer-term community needs in three key areas: food insecurity, community infrastructure and well-being, and COVID-19 emergency response and relief efforts.

All projects will be determined by the end of the year. Community members may send suggested proposals for investment to hometownstrong@jbssa.com. Mayor Leslie Harris told WLDS News on July 27th that some of the money would be used to cover the second permit for dredging for the Beardstown marina project to help the city gain river access.

The JBS USA Beardstown pork production facility employs more than 1,900 people with an annual payroll of nearly $100 million. The facility supports more than 265 producers, paying them more than $810 million per year for livestock. JBS USA Beardstown has invested more than $45 million in capital improvements over the last five years.