JBS Seeking Tax Reduction

By Jeremy Coumbes on January 14, 2021 at 5:53pm

The largest taxpayer in Cass County is intending to seek a property tax reduction.

Cass County Board Chairman Mike Barnett said during the board’s regular meeting on Monday, he was in formed by a phone call Saturday that JBS intends to file an appeal on it’s annual real estate tax bill. According to a report by the Cass County Star Gazette.

JBS, which is also Cass County’s largest employer, is said to be seeking a nearly 50 percent reduction in their real estate tax bill, which would result in an approximate $250,000 loss in revenue for the county.

According to the Gazette report, Barnett informed the board that the long term impact of such a reduction could be difficult to determine, citing the possibility that JBS could be preparing to launch a multi-million dollar expansion.

Barnett said if such a construction project were taken on by the meat packing corporation, future assessment of the new expansion could reduce the impact of the initial revenue loss.

Barnett said for now he will be contacting each of the governmental taxing bodies that will be hardest hit by the reduction in revenue going forward, which includes both the Beardstown Township and the City of Beardstown, as well as the Beardstown School, Sanitary and Park Districts.

Barnett says while reaching out to the taxing bodies, he will inquire as to if any wishes to join the county in seeking an independent appraisal of the hog slaughtering plant for consideration.