JHS Bowl Fan Attendance

By Gary Scott on February 10, 2021 at 9:57am

Seeing basketball live at the Jacksonville High School Bowl may be a challenge this year for Crimson fans. But, there is another option.

            Illinois Department of Public Health rules limit attendance to 50 this year for all basketball games.

            JHS athletic director Ryan Vanaken says that includes a facility the size of the Bowl.

            Vanaken says fans will be kept 30 feet from the floor, there will be no concessions at the game, and no fans from other teams allowed in.

            Vanaken says there are no season tickets this year, and regular season ticket holders will not be charged. He says JHS fans will also not be allowed in other gyms for JHS games.

            Vanaken says the good news is that JHS has joined the National Federation High Schools.

            Cameras have been installed at the Bowl and at the Kraushaar Rosenberger football field. Each local game will be streamed, and Vanaken says fans can pay to see the games. It’s $10.99 a month and $60 plus for a year long subscription.

            Vanaken says outdoor sports will be adjusted, and those rules will be determined once they start in later March.