J&K Furniture In White Hall To Close

By Benjamin Cox on October 15, 2020 at 4:57pm

A White Hall furniture store is going out of business. It will be the first time in over sixty years there will not be a furniture store in the town. J&K Furniture, located at 124 North Main Street is closing after 13 years. The business originally started in the old White Hall Opera building on November 3rd, 2007. The store’s final day of operation is scheduled for Sunday.

Owners Jeff & Kim Fansler said in a video Facebook message on September 25th that they had lost 4 of their furniture suppliers during the year. Kim Fansler said in the video that supply chain issues prior to COVID-19 hitting put keeping the business open beyond their control. After COVID-19 closed the business in March, Fansler says supply chain issues with distributors got worse. Kim also says that it’s not the final close for her and her husband as they have another business venture currently in the works.

According to the Greene Prairie Press, when the store began its going out of business sale on on the following Monday, September 28th, the store was nearly emptied of its furniture by shoppers. Currently, there are only a few items left for sale.

The Fanslers opened J&K Furniture LLC after long-time furniture store owner Boris Lyman retired and closed his store after nearly forty years in business. J&K moved across the street to their current location after the Opera building burned down 3 years ago. The Fanslers have said there has been interest in purchasing their current building, but no exact plans have been made. The Fanslers have also not eluded to what their next business venture will be.