JMH Receives A ‘C’ From National Hospital Watchdog Group

By Benjamin Cox on November 15, 2021 at 6:10pm

Jacksonville Memorial Hospital got an average score by a national watchdog group for an annual safety survey.

The annual Hospital Safety Grade from the Leapfrog Group gives JMH a ‘C’ in score. It says the hospital performs below average for the transmission of C. diff infections. It says that the numbered score has the hospital experiencing more infections than expected based upon the number of patients the hospital cares for on a daily basis.

It says that JMH does better in restricting infections for urinary tract, surgical site infections, and sepsis.

In Springfield, Memorial Hospital also received a ‘C’ score, with HSHS St. John’s receiving a ‘B’.

The survey was released on Wednesday last week. The fall 2021 Hospital Safety Grade represents the largest set of hospitals ever graded, with 2,901 facilities receiving a grade.