Jogging Strollers Recalled

By Jeremy Coumbes on October 11, 2021 at 1:19pm

If you recently purchased a baby stroller, you may want to check the label.

Over 9,000 Zoom 360 Ultralight jogging strollers are being recalled due to a faulty front-bearing wheel that can fail or detach from the unit altogether according to a warning issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

According to the report, one person was injured in a fall after the bearing detached from one of the strollers. In all, 25 incidents of restricted front wheel movement have been reported with 12 reported wheel fork bearing detachments.

The recall only applies to certain Zoom Ultralight jogging strollers with SKU numbers 8060, 8061, 8067, and 8069 and a batch number between March 2020 (03-XX-20) and October 2020 (10-XX-20).

The strollers were sold from May through December of last year at Target,,, and Joovy Holding Company says they are contacting known buyers of the strollers and are providing a free repair kit. Anyone who has one of these strollers is advised to stop using it until the replacement parts are installed.

For more information, contact Joovy at 800-495-8718, or by email at