JREDC Introduces New Website At Annual Meeting

By Benjamin Cox on February 24, 2020 at 10:37am

The Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation’s website, jredc.org, recently went through a revision and expansion over the last month. The JREDC debuted the website as a part of its annual meeting on Thursday night at the Jacksonville Country Club. New President Kristin Van Aken-Jamison says that businesses who are hoping to come to Jacksonville or the area can find a lot of information on the site. “The website will continue to serve as the main point of information for businesses considering moving to Jacksonville or expanding. There’s a lot of information out there about wages, where we get our labor pool, and so forth. Beyond that, we also know that we need to do things like tout our great quality of life in the Jacksonville area.”

Jamison says that having a web-based focus for the JREDC may help spur businesses and people to move to town. In addition to the employer information, those seeking a job can use the website for a new, comprehensive help wanted section. “We really don’t feel like there is a one-stop shop for local jobs to be posted. We know people use things like Monster or Indeed.com. I’m actually serving on the Healthy Communities Committee at Passavant, and that’s a conversation we are having about how do we make sure there is one place for people to go to look for jobs but how do we something with a more local feel. I’m working with the Human Resource directors in the area in making sure they are letting us know of those opportunities that are available. We hope that more people will access our website for job opportunities. I think it’s going to be a good tool for all of us to utilize in finding qualified candidates.”

The website also features several pieces of helpful links, links to local media, press releases, open industrial real estate for sale, and information about JREDC meetings and highlights of businesses in the area.