JREDC Recognizes Reynolds, Cedarhurst; Promotes Jamison To President At Annual Meeting

By Benjamin Cox on February 21, 2020 at 5:23am

The Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation recognized two area businesses and an internal promotion last night at their annual meeting at the Jacksonville Country Club.

Jamison joined JREDC just last year as its Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

After a year as the Vice President of Marketing and Communication, Kristin Van Aken-Jamison will now move into the role as President, after being selected by the JREDC’s Board of Directors last month. Jamison said its a job that carries the weight of a lot of new responsibilities to the surrounding area. Jamison also said she was thankful for her predecessor Bonni Waters. “Bonni and I work really well together. She was actually a champion of mine saying that I had kind of worked my way up albeit in just 12 months. I’m just really thankful to the board for recognizing the work that we’ve been able to achieve in the last year.”

Jamison went on to explain the two awards given out to Reynolds Consumer Products and Cedarhurst Assisted Living. Jamison said Reynolds was recognized as the Harold Cox Industry of the Year in the area for its past five years of investment and nearly $26 million in growth, new product development, and safety enhancements at their Jacksonville facility. She said that not only has Reynolds made many of the new, innovative products that many households use but Jacksonville has become a central hub in their distribution chain throughout the country.

Jamison said that Cedarhurst Assisted Living was awarded the Champion Award for its continued expansion and growth in Jacksonville, despite being a business whose mission statement is not geared toward economic development. The 3 year old award recognizes businesses in the area that don’t use economic development as its chief purpose. Jamison was pleased that the JREDC recognized the $1.5 million expansion of the assisted living facility that will be completed this June. She says Cedarhurst is one of the many highlights of the quality living spaces and job opportunities for all people in the Jacksonville community.

Jamison said that the JREDC’s website will be undergoing more robust use over the next few months. They have revamped the look already and are now working to produce a one-stop shop for employers as well as those looking for employment within the region. Jamison said she is excited to tackle the next phase of opportunities for Jacksonville and the area in her new role with the organization as well as continuing her partnership with several area organizations to bring economic development and opportunities.