JSD 117 Shutters Non-Essential Buildings To Combat Energy Crisis

By Benjamin Cox on February 17, 2021 at 4:03pm

Jacksonville School District 117 has now had to make changes due to the ongoing natural gas and energy shortage that has swept across the country. The district has announced several changes in operation through the remainder of this week. Superintendent Steve Ptacek says via email that the district is trying not to excessive penalties for increased usage and help with energy conservation.

K-12 buildings will remain operational. All non-K-12 buildings will be closed the remainder of this week, which includes the Central Office, Early Years, Crossroads Learning Center (including the TAP program), and the Bowl. Temperatures in K-12 buildings will be lowered a few degrees, so students are encouraged to layer up on clothing.

All sporting events scheduled for the Bowl will move to JMS; including tonight’s JHS girls’ basketball game, Friday night’s JHS boys’ basketball game, and all JMS events. All restrictions that have been enacted due to COVID will remain. Passavant’s Community Walk Program at the Bowl will be suspended for this week.

The meeting of the school board will be held virtually tonight, and staff from the closed district buildings will remain at home this week. Further announcements on the Early Years program are pending as they are currently working on logistics. District employees who are at home will be available via email through the remainder of the week.