July 2021 Weather

By Gary Scott on August 2, 2021 at 11:54am

A heated end of July pushed up the daily average, but it was still cooler than normal.

            July typically averages just a tick under 76 degrees. Last month’s average temperature was right at 75 degrees.

            That despite a nasty end of the month which pushed feels like readings to 110 plus.

            The 98 degree reading on the 30th was the high for the month. The 57 degree reading on the 2nd was the low for July. The mercury hit 90 0r better on only five of the 31 days.

            A typical day last month saw a high of 85, and a low of 65.

            The precipitation for July reached 3 and three quarter inches. That’s about 12-hundredths more than normal.

            There was some type of precipitation activity on 20 of the 31 days, which indicates not much fell in one 24 hour period. The exception was the one and two thirds inches that fell on the 15th and 16th.

            Rainfall for the year is now at 29 and three quarter inches. Typical for this area through the first 7 months is 18 and thirteen hundredths inches.  That’s over 11 and a half inches more than normal.

            WLDS-WEAI is a cooperative reporting station for the National Weather Service.