June 2020 Weather Story

By Gary Scott on July 2, 2020 at 12:30pm

June wasn’t wet as you might have thought.


     Total rainfall for June was 2 and 17 hundredths inches. That total does not include the numbers for the final day of last month, which will be included in the July totals.

     Two and 17 hundredths is well below the norm for June. The average rainfall for June is about 4 and a quarter inches.

     There was some type of precipitation on 11 of the 30 days. The most was nearly an inch that led into June 4th.

     Precipitation for the year is running well ahead of the norm. Through June, precipitation for Jacksonville in 2020 is 23 and 83 hundredths inches. That’s five inches higher than normal.

     It was also hotter than normal. The average temperature in June was just under 74 degrees, about 3 degrees warmer than normal.

     There were no triple digit days. In fact, the hottest readings were 92, hit three times..on the 7th, 9th and 27th. There were 7 days of 90 or higher readings.

     Average highs hit just under 86, and lows reached an average of 62. There were 8 nights of below 60 readings.

     WLDS-WEAI is an official reporting station for the national weather service.