June Acreage Report Reveals Robust Planting of Corn, Soybeans

By Benjamin Cox on July 2, 2020 at 6:00am

The Illinois June Acreage report released yesterday revealed the Illinois farmers revealed that corn, soybeans, and hay acreage is up from last year.

State Crop Statistician Mark Schleusener details corn and soybeans: “Area planted to corn totals 10.9 million acres, up 4% from last year and down 4% from the March planting intentions report published earlier this year. For soybeans, acreage planted and intended to be planted is estimated at 10.4 million acres. That is up 450,000 [acres] from last year’s planted acres and down 100,000 [acres] from the March planting intentions survey.”

Winter wheat planted is estimated at 570,000 acres in the state, down 12% from the previous year. Harvest wheat is forecast at 500,000 acres, down 9% from last year. Harvested area of all hay is expected to total 490,000 acres, up 17 percent from 2019. This total includes 240,000 acres of alfalfa and 250,000 acres of all other hay. Oats are also up by almost 30% in both planting and harvest.