Kinderhook Residents Voting To End Prohibition In Village’s Limits

By Benjamin Cox on March 13, 2020 at 11:55am

Prohibition is still a reality for a small town in Pike County. Kinderhook, population of about 200 people, has been dry for many decades. Pike County residents will have the opportunity on Tuesday will decide whether or not businesses in the tiny hamlet will be allowed to finally sell alcohol.

Village Trustees told WGEM in Quincy that the extra revenue from local sales taxes would go towards many issues currently facing the village. Trustees also said it would be a way for people to shop and buy local rather than traveling to Barry, Pittsfield, or Quincy to buy booze.

Trustees hope it will reverse the course of lost business and help The Hook restaurant, the only restaurant in town, to expand offerings and possibly hours in the long run. Kinderhook residents will have the opportunity to end prohibition in their town on Tuesday when polls open at 6AM.