Koeller Sentenced After Initial Plea Deal Was Thrown Out in March

By Benjamin Cox on May 5, 2023 at 9:06am

A Hull man who had his plea deal rejected by a Pike County judge in March has now been sentenced on the reworked plea agreement.

50-year old Kris W. Koeller was indicted on 17 counts of battery of a child dating back to July 2020 filed in a criminal information in September of last year. The allegations all involve alleged abuse of a child under the age of 13.

The Pike Press reported in March that Pike County Chief Judge J. Frank McCartney had rejected a plea agreement for Koeller that included probation on two counts of domestic battery with bodily harm, strict no contact provisions, anger management and mental health treatment requirements, and all of the usual other conditions and reporting terms of adult probation.

The plea deal, with amended charges, including motions of no prosecution on 15 counts in the original criminal information and amending one charge from aggravated battery to a child, a Class 3 felony, down to Class A misdemeanor domestic battery causing great bodily harm were all heard on March 1st. A no contact order and the entrant of a non-litigant in the case was made on April 24th. Koeller was also permitted by the court in March to continue travel for work in the State of Missouri.

Koeller was sentenced on Wednesday to 2 years of probation, ordered to pay a county fine plus fees and court costs, given 90 days of periodic imprisonment and given credit for 1 day served in the Pike County Jail on both domestic battery charges. No other additional conditions of Koeller’s probation or sentencing has been made available in online court records.