Lafayette School Sells At Auction to Little Red Wagon Ownership

By Benjamin Cox on January 7, 2022 at 3:02pm

The former Lafayette School has sold to a day care center looking to expand.

The Journal Courier reports that Janene Purdon-Menke was the highest bidder on the property at 747 West Lafayette on Tuesday with a bid of $49,200.

Purdon-Menke is owner of the Little Red Wagon Daycare currently located at 3001 West Lafayette Avenue. The daycare center opened in April and will now move to the Lafayette School building.

Purdon-Menke told the Journal Courier she hopes to have the move completed within the next 6-12 months, as the time frame will be dependent upon renovations and code approval from the City of Jacksonville.

Purdon-Menke hopes to use the more than 16,000 square foot building to expand programs by using the school’s gymnasium and theatre. Future plans for the site include installing an in-ground pool.

Currently, the Little Red Wagon at its current location is open until midnight seven days a week and holds a capacity of 133 kids. Purdon-Menke says that DCFS will allow the daycare to expand to a capacity of 174 children at the new location.

Purdon-Menke says she also expects to hire more staff in the new expansion.