LaHood Co-Sponsoring Permanent CDL Streamlining Bill to Address Supply Chain Issues

By Benjamin Cox on February 2, 2022 at 2:50pm

18th District Congressman Darin LaHood has joined a group of bi-partisan, bicameral group to help address the country’s supply chain issues by making changes to the commercial drivers licensing requirements.

Their bill, the Licensing Individual Commercial Exam-takers Now Safely and Efficiently or “LICENSE” Act, would streamline licensing regulations by making permanent several waivers that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration implemented in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic last November.

The bill would allow state and third-party examiners who have maintained a valid commercial driver’s license test examiner certification and have previously completed a CDL skills test examiner training course to administer the CDL knowledge test without completing a CDL knowledge test training course.

It would also remove the requirement that CDL holders who accompany commercial learner’s permit holders to be seated in the front seat; as long as they are elsewhere in the cab.

Finally, the bill would allow states to administer driving skills tests to applicants from other states.

LaHood says some of the biggest issues he’s heard about in his district with the supply chain is the lack of truck drivers. LaHood says by streamlining the procedures for a CDL, it will loosen some of the nation’s ongoing struggle to get groceries, medical supplies, and inventories across the nation delivered into the hands of businesses and consumers.

The bill has received national support from the American Trucking Association among other trucking groups.

The bill now heads to committee assignments in the House.