Lahood opposes the Democrat COVID Relief Plan in his current State

By Gary Scott on February 8, 2021 at 3:01pm

Congressman Darin Lahood says the COVID bailout is too expensive.

            Lahood says the democrat plan drops the country further into debt.

            The Peoria republican says the $2-trillion price tag is something the country can’t afford.

             Lahood favors a lesser price tag, around a half a billion dollars. He says the plan should focus on the vaccination distribution, and helping businesses.

            The democrat’s plan includes an increase of the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

           He says giving money to people is like tossing money out of a helicopter. He would favor a more targeted plan.

            Lahood voted against the impeachment of President Trump in the House. He says the country has never tried to impeach a president once he left office.

            Lahood applauded President Joe Biden’s inauguration speech was good, and it talked about uniting the country. Lahood says the impeachment trial will further divide the nation.

Lahood is back in the district for the next two weeks.