Lahood Says COVID Relief Too Expensive

By Gary Scott on March 9, 2021 at 10:00am

Congressman Darin Lahood believes the multi trillion dollar COVID relief plan just passed by the Senate is too expensive.

            Lahood is back in Washington DC this week.

            He says Congress and the federal government is spending way too much money on the bill.

            He likes parts of the bill which provide more vaccinations, and the help offered small business. But he is irked President Joe Biden didn’t work with republicans enough.

            Lahood says the money from the previous COVID relief bill has barely been touched.

           He says only about 20-percent of the bill passed in December has been spent.  

            Lahood is very interested in a federal energy regulatory commission’s investigation into spiked natural gas prices last month. Lahood isn’t ready to call it gouging yet, but he has many questions about why prices rose so quickly.