LaHood Seeks Answers For 2020 Tax Return Backlog at the IRS

By Benjamin Cox on January 28, 2022 at 8:23am

Income tax filing season is currently underway, but many in the country are still waiting on their 2020 return.

18th District Congressman Darin LaHood is demanding answers from the IRS. LaHood is asking for the IRS to provide answers about the more than 16 million outstanding returns from last year that are still awaiting processing.

In a statement released yesterday LaHood says that the ongoing customer service failures at the IRS have reached crisis levels causing undue burdens on families and businesses.

In December, LaHood joined 99 House Republicans to request that IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig provide information on how the agency plans to resolve its filing backlog process and provide additional resources for the current filing season.

This week, LaHood led nearly 200 bipartisan members of the House of Representatives to urge the U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to give taxpayers a break on penalties from the IRS because of mail delays.

Treasury Department officials warned on Monday that this year’s tax season could be as bad or worse with delays compared to last year. The IRS has urged many families and businesses to use professional tax services and to file electronically and request direct deposit for refunds whenever possible.