Lahood watching out for Ag in Climate Leader Summit

By Gary Scott on April 19, 2021 at 10:01am

Congressman Darin Lahood is watching closely a plan for a leadership summit this week in Washington DC.

            President Joe Biden has invited leaders from countries around the world to talk about global warming, and changes that could be made.

            Lahood is concerned about the impact on farming.

            Lahood says the Green Deal is not good for farmers.

            Lahood claims the US leads the world in cutting back on the emission of fossil fuel emissions.t to the fire in the fight against global wamring. He says India and China among the countries who are building more fossil fuel plants to serve their people.

            Lahood has also been named to the US House democracy partnership. He says it is a bipartisan group that works to strengthen democratic institutions by helping emerging democracies.

            The group works with countries around the world.