Lake Jacksonville Opens to 2024 Season on April 1

By Benjamin Cox on March 29, 2024 at 11:22am

Lake Jacksonville opens for the 2024 camping season on April 1st.

Lakes Superintendent Brett Gilbreth says people should come to the concession building at Lake Jacksonville for all of their stickers, permits, and passes: “All permits are sold exclusively at the concession stand building starting April 1. That building will be open at 8AM as well. Kayak stickers and boat stickers both can be purchased there, as well. For those folks that don’t want to invest in a season pass, we still have a daily pass box, and it’s an $11 pass specifically for that 24-hour time frame.”

Gilbreth says that seasonal camping lease payments are due by the end of the month of April, and then late fees will accrue after that until May 5th. Lake management will not accept any lease payments beyond May 5th. Lots that are not paid on by May 5th will be entered into the 2024 permanent camper lottery.

Gilbreth says the lottery will be held on May 11th at 10AM in the concession building: “This lottery is exclusively for current campers now. Generally, what we do is when a lot opens up, we try to give who we call the veteran campers a choice to move. Then, whatever lots are available after that lottery, we will start calling applicants on the waiting list on May 16th to start setting up appointments to look at lots. We will try to get everyone all in place by the end of the month of May.”

Hours of the concession stand and shower house at the lake will run Monday through Thursday 8AM to 6PM, Fridays and Saturday 8AM to 8PM, and Sunday 8AM to 4PM. Gilbreth says the hours may get adjusted as they move later on into the season: “The first month of camping is always our busiest time. We have a lot of people – over 500 people – buying boat stickers, kayak stickers, boat dock stickers, and camping permits. Once we start to move on a little bit further into the season, a lot of it is dictated on how much traffic we get from customers, we might end up going into later months making adjustments on the time at the concession stand and shower house. We will try to keep as most convenient for our customers. We will notify everyone either through the media, social media, and post it on the building to let our customers know of any changes. As of right now, they are set in stone for the first few months.”

Gilbreth says the season will close on October 16th at 5PM. If you have additional questions or need further information, contact Gilbreth at 217-408-8771.