Leaf Blower Ban Bill Sponsor Says She Does Not Think It Will Pass

By Jeremy Coumbes on February 19, 2020 at 9:33am

The sponsor of legislation to ban the sale and use of gas powered leaf blowers in the State of Illinois says that she doesn’t expect the bill to pass this session, but hopes that it will educate the public.

9th District Senator Laura Fine of Glenview, Illinois sponsored Senate Bill 3313 which calls for a ban of the operation and retail sales of gas powered leaf blowers beginning on January 1st of 2022.

Fine says that sometimes bills are filed for reasons other than being passed into law.

The reason we file these bills is to start a conversation. Do I think this bill is going to move forward this session? No. But there is a ripple effect for everything we do, and everybody has to realize what the tipple effect is, and when it comes to gas powered leaf blowers, I’ve learned a lot.”

“”My goal with this legislation is really to educate people, and let them say, “hey I’m using it, is there an alternative?” “Is there something better I can do?” Because most people didn’t realize the impact these things have.””

Fine says that the idea for the ban came from people in her district, and that the use of these types of blowers can cause hearing loss and emit high levels of pollutants.

Fine says that she hopes people will explore healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives such as battery powered equipment.

Senate Bill 3313 was referred to the Assignments Committee for review on Friday.