Lincoln Land Community College offering free agriculture classes

By Gary Scott on August 5, 2017 at 12:50pm

Lincoln Land Community College is offering several agriculture-related courses free of charge this fall.

David Bowman, the program developer for workforce development at LLCC, explains some of the courses being offered.

“The Agricultural Watershed Management Program has been under launch for now a year. We also offer Landscape Lake Management courses. This fall in particular we have free courses for eight-week modules in the evening hours. These courses include Agricultural Watershed Management 107. It’s the introductory course and it will start with Module One August 22nd and concludes October 12th. Another one, Intro to Landscape Lake Ecology, starts for the same period…It’s an eight-week session for two hours in the evening.”

Bowman said the classes available are geared for all people, and they are free thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor.

“We have different audiences of course that would take these courses. (Agricultural Watershed Management) is a new program, which is really soil health, and then the Landscape Lake (Ecology) is more set to…anyone that has a lake or a pond, or even a water fountain compound where waters are withheld or when the water starts to go sour, so to speak…or a variety of problems that are addressed in this course.”

More information about the classes is available on the Lincoln Land Community College website or by calling the LLCC Jacksonville campus at (217) 243-6699.