Lions Fresh Fruit Fundraiser Begins Friday

By Benjamin Cox on October 28, 2019 at 8:29am

A local holiday sale will kick off on Friday this week. The Lions Club Fresh Fruit Fundraiser begins on November 1st. Orders this year include navel oranges, grapefruit, and comice pears.

Prices are: Naval Oranges-
$23.00 for 20 lbs
$15.00 for 10 lbs
Red Grapefruit-
$23.00 for 20 lbs
$15.00 for 10 lbs
Comice Pears:
$30.00 for 20 lbs
$16.00 for 10 lbs
$9.00 for quarter case bag

Mixed cases will be available for the sale. To place an order, contact your local Lions Club member or call the Fruit Phone at 217-291-4721 to place an order. You can also order via email at or

Fruit pick up will be at ISVI located at 658 East State Street from Tuesday, December 10th to Friday, December 13th. Pick up will occur at the garage behind the main building. Pick up times:
December 10th: 12-7 pm
December 11th and 12th: 8 am-7 pm
December 13th: 8 am -5 pm

For more information about the Fresh Fruit Fundraiser, you can also check the Jacksonville Lions Club Facebook Page for more information. The fundraiser goes towards several programs the Lions Club organizes throughout the year to help children. For more information about the Lions Club call 217-245-5567.