LLCC-Jacksonville Attendance Numbers Up, Down Slightly Across the College Overall

By Benjamin Cox on September 30, 2021 at 7:52am

Lincoln Land Community College-Jacksonville attendance numbers are up, while the overall community college system is down about 100 students compared to last Fall.

Chief Communications Officer Lynn Whalen says that 4,841 college credit students were recorded for the college’s 10th day enrollment report. That number is down from the 4,977 reported last Fall.

Whalen said via email on Friday that LLCC has increased the number of shorter length 12-week and 8-week courses this Fall and as expected, enrollment in those continue to add to Fall enrollment totals. Whalen said since the issuance of the 10th day enrollment report, late-start general education courses now account for about 6% of LLCC fall enrollment. Whalen says that currently with those factors, total credit hours are only down 3/4th of a percentage point from last year. Enrollment in LLCC’s 8-week courses that begin on October 18th continue.

Whalen says specifically Jacksonville has seen a 5% increase in enrollment. Whalen says it’s hard to compare things to last year’s enrollment since the majority of Jacksonville students were online last year. Whalen says based on research done by the college’s Institutional Research Department that the shift to online courses last year hides any effect of MacMurray College’s closure on Lincoln Land-Jacksonville’s enrollment.