Local Animal Shelter Rescues Animals With Special Needs

By Benjamin Cox on November 17, 2020 at 8:29am

The local animal shelter, Relentless Animal Rescue, seeks homes to foster animals with special needs. The Rescue was founded in Jacksonville in 2017 with the purpose of helping animals with behavioral problems gain the necessary care and skills to later be rehomed.

Dee Goings, the founder of Relentless Animal Rescue, says the shelter’s mission is to help animals who would not survive in a normal shelter: “These dogs, who have behavior and medical issues, they can’t survive in a shelter system. Unfortunately, it makes their behaviors even worse. What we wanted to do is we wanted to create a rescue where they could have a safe place. If the dogs who aren’t exactly set up behaviorally or medically to go into a regular adoption home, we wanted to work with them, rehabilitate them, and then rehome them. That is out mission statement: Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome.”

There are many opportunities to volunteer with the Rescue which range from going into the shelter to play with the dogs to fostering the dogs in your home. The Rescue provides all food and medical expenses for the animals and has trainers on the board to help the animals with behavioral issues. It is located in the old grocery store at 704 Nth. Main Street. For more info, you can visit their Facebook Page or call 217-358-1457.