Local government leaders speak at State of City, County and Village Address last night

By Gary Scott on January 11, 2018 at 11:58am

Last night the residents from around the area were told of the state of not
only the City of Jacksonville, but also the Village of South Jacksonville
and Morgan County by the very people in charge of the day to day happenings
in the area at an event put on by League of Women Voters.

Speaking first was Morgan County Board of Commissioners Chairman Brad Zeller, who tells us what his goals are for the future of the county.

“We would love to continue to do more capital projects, keep the courthouse looking good, obviously. We’d like to keep our law enforcement staff intact, where we feel that the patrol in the county is working very well as of recent days we’ve had some very good police work in our community. MCS, with the community service programs and grant that we have. Energy assistance programs, we want to keep that department open because we feel that service is very important to the community. All those things that the citizens and taxpayer’s money goes towards, we want to keep operational and keep services in the county

Next up was Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard who tells us how he feels about  the current state
of the city.

“I think we’re financial sound, we do have a lot of obstacles as far as infrastructure needs and pensions and things like that. We have good employees and department heads, good aldermen that have the best intentions. If you’re going to put me on the spot and give a grade. I would give a b plus with lots of room to improve. I just like the make up of the folks who are working hard to provide services and the overseers in the community who will reach out if they see a problem. It’s just really good to be the mayor.”

Last up was South Jacksonville Village President Harry Jennings who
reflects  his first “State of…” address, as well as what he is looking forward to in the coming year.

“Exciting and a lot of work, but I’m loving every minute of it.”

“More economic development. I’m surprised by how much activity we have coming in and how  much interest we have. I knew we’d have a lot, but I am surprised by just how much there actually is so I’m surprised by just how much economic development.

The league of women voters puts on this State Of event each year.