Local Photographer Capturing Front Porch Photos During Social Distancing Mandate

By Benjamin Cox on March 25, 2020 at 8:43am

A local photographer is doing what she can to spread positive messages and document how Jacksonville is handling social distancing and stay at home directives. Karen Anderson, owner of Karen Anderson Design, said that she found the idea through several posts from other photographers she follows on Facebook.

Anderson says people interested can go to her Facebook or Website and fill out a release form that includes their name, an email address, and a physical address. Anderson said she is currently working out logistics on when to come certain neighborhoods in town. She is hoping to do individual sessions about 2-3 hours each day. “It’s a quick 5 minutes or so- I’ll stand at least 6-10 feet away from the porch and direct the pose as best I can from there.”

Anderson says what you and your family do for the portrait is up to you. “These can be traditional poses or creative ideas showing what your family is doing with all this time at home. All I am asking is that families make a positive sign or poster to hold up during your photos so that I can post the image on social media to encourage other people, first responders, and health care workers.”

Anderson says that the portrait session is free. “This is free to those who sign up. It’s a gift to them. They will be provided with a gallery of images from their session and they may choose up to 5 that I will retouch and send them the files of. They may choose to allow me to print them at a reduced cost, or can do whatever they want with them on their own. I will offer some small packages, and obviously, I’d appreciate the support at this time if anyone purchased prints from these sessions from me, but they’re not obligated. I would ask that people purchase a gift card from one of our amazing small businesses or restaurants in our immediate community or make a donation to a local charity of your choice.”

Anderson says she hasn’t ultimately decided what to do with the photos other than the publication of some of them with The Source and her own website. “I have thought about making a book besides just posting them on my Facebook page and my website. I’m open to anyone’s ideas. I’m open to other avenues as well- photographic competitions, museums, perhaps.”

Anderson says she is continuing to find innovative ways to keep her business going during the social distancing and stay at home directives. For information about the front porch session, visit Karen Anderson Design on Facebook or her personal website at karenandersondesigns.com.