Lonzerotti’s to change owners again

By Ryne Turke on February 10, 2016 at 4:29pm

It appears the ownership of a popular Jacksonville restaurant is set to change hands again.

Just two weeks ago, Lonzerotti’s Italia Restaurant landlord Mike Griffitts informed WLDS/WEAI he was purchasing the business from owners Jeff and Katie Weeks. Now it turns out Griffitts won’t be running the restaurant.

Griffitts says Jeff and Katie Weeks have decided to sell Lonzerotti’s to a husband, wife and son from the Jacksonville area.

Griffitts wouldn’t release the names of the new owners, but confirmed they had experience in the restaurant business and wanted to take a shot at running things at Lonzerotti’s.

Griffitts says it was “bittersweet” when he found out he wouldn’t be taking charge at Lonzerotti’s. He said, “As a landlord, I obviously didn’t want to see the business shut down and turn into an empty building. Having people with restaurant experience running Lonzerotti’s is probably the best thing for business, but it was exciting working with staff and vendors for that short time.”

The restaurant was originally built as the Chicago and Alton Railroad passenger station in 1909.

The new owners plan to make some construction improvements and are shooting for an opening date sometime in March.

More information about the owners and their plans will be released next week.