Love Offers Tips and Advice on Staying Cool during the Summer

By Benjamin Cox on July 23, 2019 at 9:10am

As temperatures rise, it is important to stay comforted.

Residents of West Central Illinois are still on an excessive heat watch alert from the National Weather Service from today until 7 p.m. On Saturday, July 20. During this time it is important for citizens to take precaution and make sure they are staying safe from the heat both outside and inside.

Ameren Illinois is here to help through their Energy Efficiency program where they offer advice and tips on how people can stay cool during these hot times. Ameren Illinois spokeswoman Marcelyn Love explains who is most at risk with the heat and how people should keep an eye on them.

What we are really trying to get the word out about is making sure that people are being comfortable and also being safe this weekend. It is going to be extremely hot and so folks need to take the necessary precautions. Particularly those that are most vulnerable. Whether you are talking about small children or seniors that are in your family, folks should be sure to check on family members and neighbors just to make sure they are staying properly hydrated and staying cool and comfortable. While these tips will not do any harm against the appliances in your home, they will go a long way in improving comfort.”

Love also describes the best ways people can stay cool from within their house to ensure the best form of comfort.

“There are many low cost and no cost things that customers can do to improve the comfort of their homes, while also reducing energy. Some of the things that folks do not think about are the use of window shades, or something to cover your windows. If you close them on sunny, summer days, that helps to keep the heat from entering your home. Another thing would be to make sure that your vents are not covered by the drapes or furniture so that the air that is blowing in can not circulate nicely in your home. Another thing that helps to further the circulation is to change the direction of your ceiling fans. During the summer ceiling fans need to run in a counter-clockwise direction so air blows straight down and the warmer it is during the day, the higher the speed should be to make sure that air is circulating.”

In addition, Love insists that people have good insulation flowing through their attics and ceilings to insure the air stays sealed as well as installing a smart thermostat to not only save money year round, but to also place better comfort in their home.

For anyone with questions on what else Ameren can do for them and how they can be prepared, Love gives all the details on how you can reach them.

“If folks have any questions about our Energy Efficiency program, they could always contact our customer care center and be directed to the appropriate resources. The phone number is (800) 755-5000 and also we have Facebook, Twitter, and our website.”

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