MacMurray College Closing Ceremony Now Available on YouTube

By Benjamin Cox on November 11, 2022 at 8:58am

The MacMurray Foundation & Alumni Association has announced that the closing ceremony, Hail to MacMurray: A Fond Farewell, is now available on the Foundation’s YouTube channel.

The ceremony, held June 18th served as a celebration of the college as well as providing an outlet for alumni to share in the sadness of the college’s closing in May, 2020. The ceremony was delayed because the first gathering of alumni since the college closed was rescheduled due to COVID.

The full program runs about one hour and 45 minutes, with 13 smaller segments surrounding the ceremony also featured on the YouTube page.

Individuals can access the full ceremony or other segments by going online to YouTube and entering “MacMurray Foundation” in the search bar.