MacMurray College Economic Impact Goes Beyond Jacksonville, According to Study

By Benjamin Cox on November 12, 2019 at 8:31am

A local college’s economic impact has been put into perspective by a recent report. The Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs at Western Illinois University recently released a report about MacMurray College’s impact to the local economy. Robin Hanna, the report project manager, says that across 414 separate positions in the area and not at the college make the economic impact is larger than expected. He says that businesses reap the rewards of the employees and the students at the school because it causes commerce between other businesses. Overall, he says there is about a $37 million impact locally to businesses in the area.

The report also goes on to show that MacMurray’s economic impact goes beyond Morgan County, filtering into Sangamon County and the city of Springfield. In total, the report shows MacMurray generates more than $40 million in production and sale of goods and services in the State of Illinois, employs 444 full and part-time positions, generates $15.5 million in labor income and employment compensation, and nearly $5.8 million in public revenues. The model also shows that the college brings in additional revenue through tourism as many non-residents visit the college for the various events and to tour the school. MacMurray was founded in 1846 as Illinois Conference Female Academy by members of the United Methodist Church until it became completely co-ed in 1969. It is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the state of Illinois.