MacMurray College Foundation & Alumni Association Announces Increase in Scholarships

By Benjamin Cox on May 18, 2022 at 6:46pm

The MacMurray College Foundation & Alumni Association has announced that 37 individuals have been named MacMurray Scholars. The number is an increase by 4 from the previous year.

The students will receive awards between $1,000 – $3,000 towards their college education. The $3,000 award amount is an increase, as well. In keeping with MacMurray College’s commitment to academic excellence, scholarships are based on academic performance. MacMurray Foundation Chair David Ekin said in a press release that most of the 37 individuals have a direct connection to MacMurray College, with 14 of the recipients being former students of MacMurray when it closed in May 2020.

Of the remaining recipients, one is an alumnus, 15 were children of alumni, 6 whose grandparents were graduates of MacMurray and 2 had other relatives who were MacMurray graduates.

Chair of the Scholarship Committee Sandy Watson says that the foundation was glad that they could increase the number of scholarship recipients and award amount compared to their first year.

Names of the recipients will be released at a future date once information is finalized. The Foundation is now gearing up for the College’s first reunion coming up June 17th-19th with a number of activities scheduled throughout that weekend.